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I am absolutely thrilled that Coach Alvin has been training with my son! My son is passionate about sprinting and was disillusioned when he had a tibial stress fracture that kept him from running the pas spring. We started working with Coach Alvin this summer, and he has been instrumental to improving my son’s speed and strength. Coach Alvin’s holistic approach...which includes improved diet, keeping a daily log of all activities, weightlifting, increasing flexibility...goes well above and beyond running drills and working out on the track. As a personal trainer, Coach Alvin takes the time to understand the person’s capabilities, and he customizes his approach to play up strengths and improve weaknesses. Coach Alvin pushes our son to higher goals with each workout and has been a strong motivational support. I feel blessed that Coach Alvin genuinely cares about my son succeeding, and Coach’s energy and enthusiasm is testimony to the passion he feels for the sport.
— Lily, CoachUp client
I have had the pleasure of knowing Alvin Williams for over 20 years. Alvin is always willing to learn and improve himself as a human being. He is flexible in his think and is extremely capable and creative in resolving problems others have. One of Alvin’s strengths is his ability to quickly adapt new ideas succinctly.

Mr. Williams uses original and creative ideas to help others, and uses sound judgement, and communicates effectively with others as well. Alvin is a natural motivator and encourages those he interacts with to do their best at all times. Alvin Williams is self-reliant, motivated, and has a strong spiritual foundation.

He has integrity, and a strong sense of community. Along with being an intrinsically loving person, civic minded, and joyous, he has a great sense of humor! Alvin has an exceptional capacity for analytical thinking, intellectual independence, and he conducts himself as a professional with high morals and values at all times.

Alvin is very knowledgeable about how the body moves and functions. He continues to educate himself about sport specific movements, muscle specific movements and he is well versed in bio-mechanics. Alvin also continues to further his knowledge about ways to improve ones body, mind, and spirit holistically.

He is reliable and dependable and a man of his word. Mr. Williams is receptive to constructive criticism and uses it as a tool for personal developmental advancement. He takes great pride in his work and is a joy to be around!

— L. R. Harrison
An accomplished Track & Field Professional with over 20 years of coaching experience. Proven track record of training and motivating young athlete to enhance performance and improve their standards to achieve their personal best.
— V. Walls, Coach and Masters track Competitor